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Civil Department

The Govt. Polytechnic, Kullu was established in the year 2013 and the Civil Engineering Department is part of the institute since its inception. Civil Engineering is considered to be the most versatile branch among all the engineering branches. It is the branch with a lot of diversity right from structural to transportation engineering, environmental to hydraulics engineering, geology to geo-technology and to earthquake engineering; Civil Engineering can be considered as the single largest branch among all the engineering branches.

Civil Engineering is the art and science of designing the infrastructure for society. Civil Engineers convert complex ideas into realities. They help in making innovative structures in the world."Civilians" are in fact the true "nation builders" as they are involved in every aspect of community infrastructure, housing and construction.

Civil Engineers are involved in three areas of activity, namely, Designing, Construction and Maintenance. They contribute to designing and constructing bridges, tunnels, roads, railways, airways, dams, pipelines and major buildings. In addition, Civil Engineers safeguard the environment against pollution of air, land and water, by implementing proper treatment techniques and managing the natural resources for future generation.

Being one of the primary Engineering Department of the Institute, the Diploma in Civil Engineering is accredited by National Board of Accreditation, AICTE, New Delhi and has been imparting quality education to its students. The Department has been imparting quality education to diploma students by reviewing its curricula from time to time, modernizing its laboratories with state of the art equipment and latest software.

Top notch laboratory resources are essential for the development of a modern day technocrat. The Department boasts of well equipped labs, manned by highly competent staff. The various laboratories that come under the purview of the Department of Civil Engineering are Strength of Materials Lab, Hydraulics Lab, Survey Lab, Geotechnical Engineering Lab, Concrete Lab, Auto-CAD Lab, etc.

The classrooms are well equipped with all modern electronic audio-visual facilities. The curriculum is modified regularly to meet the standards of reputed organisation and IITs and to cope up with recent developments. The courses are planned with our alumni, experienced faculty from prestigious institutes and experts from industries.

The department carries out development and fabrication of various projects and innovative activities so that the students excel in life and transform the nation.

To provide quality education and training to our diploma holders to cope up with international standards. To conduct regular continuing education and community development programmes. To excel in Industrial Research and Consultancy with appropriate national linkages and to maintain highest standards in the field of Civil Engineering. To provide extension and consultancy services to Government, Private and Public Sectors.

The history of Civil Engineering can be traced back to the beginning of civilization when man started building huts for living and invented wheel for transport. Over the years, this field evolved into a branch of engineering which involves the application of physical and scientific principles for solving problems of society.

Civil Engineers play a very important role in improving the living standards of society in the form of structural engineers, transportation engineers, water resource & environmental engineers, etc. We must believe that success is inevitable where there exist foresightedness, firm determination, hard work and discipline. You are assured that you will be proud of yourselves as confident and successful technocrats after three years in this department.

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Experience
1. Er. Lokseh Sharma Lecturer Civil Engineering B.Tech.
2. Er. Namish Rana Lecturer Civil Engineering B.Tech. 05 Years
3. Er. Ritesh Bisht Lecturer Civil Engineering B.E. 08 Years
4. Er. Neha Thakur Lecturer Civil Engineering --- 2 Year
5. Er. Sumedha Sharma Lecturer Civil Engineering M. Tech 2 Year

The Department of Civil Engineering has well equipped laboratories with all modern equipment to cater to the needs of students as well as consultancy works.
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